Balboa Park 2016 - pt_I

A walk through Balboa Park in San Diego, California
Juanita McComas Paxton * 1910-1978 *  I started my trip at Mom's grave in Mount Hope Cemetery - The Coronado Bridge is in the background. Recognizing Diverse Cultures  Cultural Center at Balboa Park, San Diego Approaching the Park from Downtown San Diego.  San Diego’s 1915-1916 Panama-California Exposition Beautiful Architecture  The San Diego Natural History Museum was founded by a handful of citizen-naturalists in 1874; the museum is an active research institution and is the oldest scientific institution in Southern California.  this is not the museum
Big Slim  One of many street performers in Balboa Park : Balboa, musician, steet musician The Iconic Tower  Kate Sessions offered to plant 100 trees a year within the Park as well as donate trees and shrubs around San Diego : Balboa So Many Beautiful Buildings : Balboa Casa de Balboa
Anchors Away  Navy recruits jogging through Balboa Park : Balboa, navy, jogging One of Many  San Diego Museum Association was established in 1915 Shakespeare In The Park  Sharing the classics : Balboa, shakespeare, street performer Take a Little Stroll  El Prado pedestrian walkway - in Spanish-Renaissance style
Teaching the classics  Gather around children : Balboa, Shakespeare, learning Classic Architecture  Buildings constructed for the 1915 Exposition A Field Trip to Remember  A classy class of young expanding minds The California Tower and dome  San Diego Museum of Man is housed here.
Kids love the park  Something for everyone. Botanical Building  One of the largest lath structures in the world : Balboa, arboretum Prado to the Cabrillo Bridge  historic 1,500-foot-long bridge crossing the freeway entrance to downtown from the north Relax  A wonderful way to spend a sunny afternoon